LA Laserderm is hands down the best in BR. The staff is absolutely wonderful. They make u feel so comfortable & at ease. I've been going for tattoo removal & microdermabrasion & couldn't be more happy with the results. Very professional. I always look forward to my next appointment. If you are looking to have anything done...this is the place. You won't regret it.

Scarlett R. - Baton Rouge, LA

 Working with Abbie and Louisiana Laserderm was an excellent experience as well as an incredible investment! I would recommend Abbie and Louisiana Laserderm to anyone!

Sarah - Via Facebook

Cindy is awesome!! I did micro blading and I love my brows!! The look so natural!

Cheryl - Via Facebook

 I recommend them for laser tattoo removal. They're sweet, get you in and out quickly and they have the lowest rates I have been able to find. Everywhere else wanted $300+ per session due just to the fact that a physician would be performing it. Laserderm's techs are well trained and very knowledgeable. I'm happy with their results and I didn't have to take out a loan to get them

JC - via Google

 I have been going to Louisiana Laserderm for a couple years now for laser hair removal. The service is awesome and the staff is knowledgeable about skin care. They are the best for treating African-American skin types. My face has cleared up and the dark marks are not visible. It is worth the commute from New Orleans to Baton Rouge!

Gina - via Google

Louisiana Laserderm is a highly professional, yet very personable clinic They are very knowledgeable in every aspect of skin care and beauty needs along with Laser Tattoo removal which I had done I have been having skincare and aesthetic "maintenance" care done at my dermatologist for over 15 years but I am highly impressed with Abbie and Louisiana Laserderm and will be using them for all of my services from here on out after today's visit! I can't say enough I highly recommended them and will refer many friends to them

Kim D. - via Groupon

Love Abbie!! Explained everything well, and was super friendly. Had zero wait time, and only took 3 seconds.

Emily - via Groupon

Friendly and professional staff. Eager to make you feel at ease and answer any questions. I would recommend everyone travel here and experience the great service and positive results from her

Amber - via Groupon

 I could not be more satisfied with my tattoo removal experience. The technician was super sweet and professional yet she made feel comfortable through the whole process. From my consultation to the actual tattoo removal. I was so surprised how little it hurt lol. She was super fast too. I had two small tattoos done in about five min. I was impressed!! I cannot wait until my next appointment.

Ashton - via Yelp

 Louisiana Laserderm is just amazing. They are friendly, professional, very knowledgeable on all procedures & take the time to answer any questions. I go for tattoo removal & started microdermabrasion & the results are wonderful. LA Laserderm IS the place to go!! Love them!

Scarlett R. - via yellowpages

I've been using LA. Laserderm for hair removal for years now, the results are fantastic. The staff is awesome and work well with your schedule. Schedule a visit! Trust me you won't be disappointed. Thanks, LA. Laserderm.

Cynthia - via Yellowpages

Just started Tattoo Removal at Louisiana Laserderm! They are so helpful and kind about the whole process. They will even have someone come sit in the room and make sure you are okay if you are nervous! I got quotes and multiple places for removal of my 3 tattoos and Louisiana Laserderm had the best price BY FAR! I have only done one treatment so far but I am already very satisfied with Louisiana Laserderm! Highly recommend!

Savannah- via Facebook

 I worked with Abbie she is so amazing i will definitely be going back again

Brittany - via Facebook

As painful as the actual tattoo removal process is, the staff is very nice, there is not wait time, and the prices are very reasonable!

Siomara - via Facebook

I did microblading with Cindy & absolutely LOVE my new brows!

Blair - via Facebook



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