Laser Hair Removal

The GentleMax Pro® is the gold standard in Laser Hair Removal. 

The GentleMax Pro® is a single consolidated system consisting of two fast and powerful lasers: the Alexandrite and the YAG. This unique dual laser system delivers customized results on all skin types. GentleMax Pro® works by using laser technology to deliver a controlled amount of intense energy to the targeted area, safely and effectively destroying follicles without harming the skin around them. It is gentle. In fact, many of our clients say the system's cool pulse provides increased comfort during treatment.

What To Expect

How Does It Work?

During each treatment we will be using Laser energy to destroy hair growth while preserving the skin. On average, people have 4-7 hair cycles that each will require treatment at specific time intervals, typically 6-8 weeks. The first 9 months, treatments are required every 6-8 weeks. After this, once each cycle is destroyed, patients are advised regular maintenance 1-3 times per year to maintain results. Hair will be very fine and very sparse. Hair bumps and discoloration also subside in as little as 1 treatment. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Each body area is charged differently. Contact us to get a custom quote. We offer discounted packages of 6 as well as specials. 

Who Can Have Treatment?

Men and Women of all ages and skin types are safely treated in our office. We specialize in African American, and darker Fitzpatrick types. White, grey, true blonde, or red hairs can not be targeted

with the laser.

Does it hurt?
No! Patients refer to it as a warm rubber band. Any discomfort is mild and subsides immediately.There is typically no downtime.

Before Your Appointment

1. Be sure to: not have self tanning lotions or spray tans, discontinue depilatory creams (nair), be off antibiotics for 3 days, and no retinol creams in area for 3 days.

2. Please shave the area prior to the appointment. The less hair on the top of the skin the better. A little stubble is acceptable, but nothing longer than a rice grain!

3. Relax and get excited, life is about to change!

Keep In Mind

No waxing, tweezing, or hair removal creams at least 2 weeks prior to the appointment. We need that follicle intact and the hair must start to begin to grow for a good treatment. After a few treatments, this will no longer be an issue.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Enlighten PICO + NANO Technology

New and advanced laser tattoo removal technology has made it possible for us to remove unwanted tattoos more efficiently  than traditional tattoo removal methods. However, challenges such as ink particle size, tattoo color, depth of ink particles, tattoo age and location all play a role in the speed of clearance and the number of treatments required to achieve optimal results. We use the latest technology and best techniques to remove tattoos safely and quickly.

What To Expect

How Does It Work?

The laser will deliver energy so fast that it will shatter the ink molecules into smaller pieces each treatment. As we do this, your body will begin reabsorbing and eliminating ink. This elimination process is natural and no more harmful than having the ink in your skin. The average professional tattoo takes 6 treatments to remove, which are performed 6 weeks apart. Once we see your tattoo we will be able to more accurately suggest treatment expectations.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing starts at $150 and goes up from there, based on size and complexity. Prices are paid  per treatment with package discount options available. For multiple tattoos and extremely large tattoos, such as a full sleeve, we offer bundle pricing. We also offer options to prepay and save money. All of these options will be gone over during your consult.

Who Can Have Treatment?

Men and Women of all ages and skin types are safely treated in our office. We specialize in African American, and darker Fitzpatrick types. Yellow, orange, light pink, purple, light blues, and greens may not come out completely or may leave pigmentation change in the skin.

Does it hurt?
Tattoo removal is somewhat uncomfortable, it is similar to when you got the tattoo. We use cryotherapy to provide topical relief from the pain associated with removal. Most of our patients say they hardly felt it.

Before Your Appointment

1. Be sure to: not have self tanning lotions or spray tans, be off antibiotics for 3 days, and no retinol creams in area for 3 days.

2. Please keep in mind that the tattoo has to be at least 6 weeks old to start the removal process. You will leave with your tattoo wrapped. The aftercare is simple and explained after your procedure. IMPORTANT: no exercise for 3 days, no extended sun exposure for 2 weeks.

3. Relax and get excited, everyone says it's NOT as bad as they thought!

Photo Rejuvenation

Photo Rejuvenation is a term used in the aesthetic industry that refers to correcting the damage resulting from the sun. Age spots, freckles, broken veins, uneven skin tone, and more, can all be direct results for a lifetime of sun damage. Depending on your specific concerns, we will choose the right equipment and procedure to safely and effectively target and treat your concerns.


What To Expect

How Does It Work?

We will use Laser or IPL to target unwanted pigment within the treatment area. Common areas are face, neck, chest, and hands, but we can treat anywhere on the body.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices vary based on the size of the area treated. Face ranges from $150-$350. And for full correction, 1-3 sessions are typical which are performed at 4 week intervals.

Is There Any Downtime?

Minimal downtime. Mild redness is common on the day of treatment. Make-up can typically cover pigment darkening that occurs for a few days following treatment.

Before Your Appointment

1. Prior to your appointment we ask that you limit sun exposure, are not on antibiotics, and stop Retinols 3 days prior.

2. Treatment typically takes 15-30 minutes and involves minimal discomfort.

3. After your treatment, you may have some redness and brown spots will appear darker and flake off over the course of 4-7 days. The next day Make-up can be applied.

Scar Revision

Traumatic Scars, Surgical Scars, And Acne Scars

We specialize in improving the appearance of all types of scars; breast augmentation/lift scars, mastectomy scars, c-section scars, as well as any other surgical or traumatic scarring. After a consultation with our specialist, you will receive a customized treatment plan. Ultimately, treatment options utilize the body's ability to respond to injury and rebuild and repair itself resulting in improved texture and color. Based on your specific concern, we will advise you a treatment regimen to best suit you.

What To Expect

General Information

  • Multiple sessions are typically required, 3-6 treatments are average.
  • Prices typically range from $200-350 per session.
  • Most patients experience very little discomfort.
  • Treatments are performed at 4-6 week intervals.

How long after Surgery do I wait?

We suggest waiting 3 months after. This ensures you are completely healed and ready to start the re-building process.

What can I do to help my Scar(s) heal the best?

1. Silicone Pads to the scar. This helps collagen remodeling and when used for 12 hours per day for 8 weeks, your scars will never be the same! If you want to be a real over achiever, use a daily silicone scar gel and then the pads at night. They are washable and reusable! Some of my favorite brands are Kelo-cote and Biocorneum for the topical gels and EpiDerm and Aliver for sheets. Scar Away is also an acceptable brand.

2. Avoid sun exposure. UV light to newly traumatized skin is very damaging and slows the healing process as well as increases discoloration.

3. Wear a Bra. I know you love your new boobies and want to see how perky they are but be careful! A night out is fine but when your not in a little backless dress, have a bra on. Gravity is new breasts worst nightmare. This pull on your new lolipop or anchor incisions will stretch the scar and widden it as its healing. A compfy sleep bra (no underwire at night) is fine, anything that provided mild support! Make this a lifetime habit and you will be happy you did!

NOTE: Darker Skin Types are at increased risk for scarring as well as risky candidates for many revision procedures. Therefore it is imperitive that you take extra precautions and follow my steps above as well as adding a daily low dosage, less than 1% Hydrocortisone cream to the area. I find doing this once daily from weeks 6-10 will drastically reduce your hyperpigmentation.

The Process

A Free Consultation is required to properly select the best treatment option for your individual scar(s).

Treatment options Include:

Laser Therapy



Combination Therapy

Scar Camoflage

Leg & Facial Veins

With modern Laser Technology we are able to safely and effectively treat unwanted, cosmetic Spider veins and broken capillaries on the legs and face. This therapy is designed for small vessels and is safe, effective, and affordable. Our staff have been successfully treating unwanted facial veins, rosacea, and spider veins for over 10 years. Schedule a consultation today for spider vein removal or facial vein removal! 

What To Expect

How Does It Work?

Laser Light, using the GentleMax Pro Nd Yag, heats and collapses the vessel triggering your body to come do "clean up" over the course of 2-8 weeks.  This treatment is customized based on skin type, vessel size, and amount in area. 

How Much Does It Cost?

For broken capillaries on the face, including diffuse redness and Rosacea, each session is $150 for nose, $250 for cheeks and $350 for full face treatment. Typically 1-3 sessions are required.

For spider veins on the legs, sessions range from $300-550 per session. If additional treatments are required, they are often at a reduced price as we are not treating as much as we were initially.

Does It Hurt?

Facial Vein treatment is minimally discomforting during the procedure, with no lasting pain. Leg Vein Treatment is slightly uncomfortable and is said to feel like a bee sting that diffuses rapidly after each laser pulse. 

Before Your Appointment

Each treatment will take 30-45 minutes. Mild redness and swelling can occur after treatment and last for a few days. We will go over aftercare during your appointment. We recommend 1-3 treatments initially, then annual treatments are typically required to maintain full correction.

Nail Fungus

Tired of oral anti-fungals that have not worked? At Louisiana Laserderm we are proud to say we are able to treat your nail fungus with high rates of clearance. The treatment is fast and effective and has zero downtime.

What To Expect

How Does It Work?

We utilize an ND Yag laser to heat the nail and destroy the fungal growth. The laser penetrates the nail, heating the fungas to a tempurature that prevents the fungus from continued growth.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the first infected nail (hand or foot) is $200, each additional large nail (thumb or big toe) is $50 and small nail is $25. 

Typically 2-4 sessions are required, treated 4 weeks apart. We do not accept insurance, but you are welcome to file on your own behalf.

Does It Hurt?
Only mild, temporary discomfort may occur.

Before Your Appointment

1. Each treatment will take 30-45 minutes. The nail will be completely trimmed back past the point of infection. 

2. At-home protocol must be strictly adhered to.

3. We recommend 2-3 treatments initially. Then, based on severity of fungal infection, we will recommend a treatment plan for you.

Secret Pro

Secret PRO is designed to give you the greatest flexibility by offering four signature treatment
options, optimized based on skin concerns, desired downtime, and ideal treatment method.
The procedures can be customized based on your needs, whether you are looking for
prejuvenation to keep your skin looking young or for a more corrective treatment to reverse
the signs of aging.

What To Expect

How Does It Work?

Secret PRO, is a skin revitalization treatment that uniquely combines two proven technologies - fractional CO2 and radio frequency microneedling – to safely and effectively treat all layers of the skin. The procedure options are ideal for skin revitalization concerns improving scarring, wrinkles, and stretch marks while enhancing skin tone and texture, and promoting neocollagenesis through skin resurfacing.

Is there any downtime?

The amount of downtime depends on the skin conditions being treated. Superficial procedures will only require a few days to heal, while deeper treatments may require a week. Your provider will discuss the
needed healing time before the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will depend on the conditions being treated. 1-3 treatments are usually required, and they are generally performed 3-6 weeks apart. Your provider will discuss and determine your treatment plan during your initial consultation.

When will I see results?
Most patients see improvements after 4-6 days or when the exfoliation process is complete. Results will continue to improve over the next 3-4 months after the treatment. Superficial procedures results are
visible sooner than deeper treatments. Improvements will appear gradually over the days and weeks following your procedure series, as your skin repairs itself and new collagen forms.

Before Your Appointment

1. Numbing is applied for 45 minutes. Each treatment will take 30-45 minutes. 

2. At-home protocol must be strictly adhered to.

3. We recommend 1-3 treatments based on your concerns. 

4. Retinols, AHA/BHA products must be stoped 3 days prior.

5. Botox and filler time between is 2 weeks.